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NetExplorer consists of Client software which runs on a Windows computer and Server software which runs on an OpenVMS computer. The Client software is a Windows GUI application which provides Explorer style views of one or more VMS computers and the local Windows computer. The Server software is a TCPIP service which responds to requests from the Client to access VMS disks, files and queues.  The Server communicates with the Client over a LAN or WAN network using TCP. NetExplorer Client The Client provides a Windows user great speed and flexibility when accessing VMS disks and files, as well as the VMS batch and print queues. The Client also provides dialogs for copying files between VMS computers and between a VMS computer and the Windows computer. The Client can access multiple VMS computers concurrently and provides fast switching between views of different computers.
NetExplorer Server The Server provides the interface to the VMS operating system on behalf of the Client. The VMS system is accessed using the login username and password of the Windows user, who must have a valid VMS account.