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NetExplorer allows a user to browse, monitor, and administer multiple OpenVMS systems from a single Windows computer, and to use Windows printers and tape drives to provide additional VMS printing and backup functions. Browse VMS View the hierarchical structure of VMS disks, directories, and files on VMS nodes Copy and move files from VMS to VMS, from VMS to Windows, and from Windows to VMS Compress and decompress VMS files to VMS or to Windows Store VMS files on Windows in a way that allows the files to be restored to VMS without losing the VMS files characteristics Purge, delete, and rename VMS files and folders Search VMS files or strings Telnet interface for connecting to computers which do not have NetExplorer FTP for connecting to Linux, UNIX and other computers which do not have NetExplorer  Monitor VMS View the status of VMS nodes, disk and tape devices View batch and print queue entries View the properties of VMS disk and tape devices View the running processes on a VMS system View VMS Help topics View VMS error message explanations Administer VMS Stop and start batch and print queues Submit batch and print jobs Modify batch and print queue entries View and edit VMS command files Stop VMS processes Execute VMS command files Create new VMS command files Use Windows Printers and Tape Drives Print VMS files on a Windows printer Copy VMS Backup savesets to and from a Windows tape drive