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Company D, a consulting company, has the contract to monitor VMS computers for several clients.  This requires a person to remotely log into each computer frequently to insure its smooth operation.  Currently the company uses a terminal emulator to accomplish this task.  This person must check the queues, monitor disk usage, monitor the running system, check logins, and perform other file management tasks. The company is looking for a way to speed up the entire process.


One of the consulting engineers decided to try out NetExplorer and see if it could help him with the tasks he needed to perform for each client.  He discovered User Defined Command Files.  These are command files which he could write using the NetExplorer editor and store on each client computer he was monitoring.  Of course, each of these computers ws also running the NetExplorer server. This engineer was then able to remotely execute his command files, copy and paste the results into a report for his management and take care of each computer simultaneously since he could see all of his client computers inside one execution of NetExplorer. In addition, the company was able to secure some new clients since netExplorer can run using SSL and thus make the links between the consulting firm and the clients secure.