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Company B is in the process of upgrading its online system.  During this time, many test files are produced.  These are large and they need a place to store that is not confusing and that they have ready access to.  The files may need to be restored on a moment’s notice.  These files are indexed and cannot be copied to another system since they would lose the VMS file structure.  They could use container files (either compress the files or create a backup saveset) but they want to see all the file names without having to open a container file.


One of the engineers has been using NetExplorer and suggested that they try ‘store’ing the files.  He explained that the VMS file characteristics are stored in a Windows stream that is connected to the file.  The file data is copied from VMS verbatim.  The operation is fast.  The files on Windows have the same file names as the original VMS files.  It seemed to be a perfect solution.  They tried it and it worked and it was fast and the files restored exactly as they were originally!