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NetExplorer's Graphical User Interface provides greater visibility and much faster accessing of VMS disks and files, and provides unique capabilities when using OpenVMS and Windows together. Copy VMS files using simple mouse clicks rather than long command lines Copy and paste files between VMS computers using a Windows computer Create/Edit/Execute VMS command files from Windows and get command file results in a printable window which also allows copy and paste into PowerPoint presentations, emails or other documents Use Windows tape drives to restore files from backup tapes to VMS systems which do not have a tape drive Store VMS files on Windows computers and restore to VMS without losing VMS file properties Easily find excess files and purge or compress them to save disk space Speedup VMS by keeping directories at reasonable sizes Submit jobs to VMS batch and print queues and modify queue entries Offload files from VMS to cheaper Windows storage to free up disk space or archive files for later return to VMS Save time learning VMS commands and capabilities - especially helpful for users new to OpenVMS Package files for Internet download